Through experiencing our workshops, you can embrace the Cornish

culture and heritage. We’d love to run a workshop for your organisation!

It’s a wonderful way to develop team spirit and enjoy the company of

your work colleagues in a different environment.


All ages can benefit from the art and fun of dancing. We can tailor our

delivery to your needs. Be it an hour, half a day or longer, let us know

by completing the form below and we can discuss your requirements.



Let us bring a dash of colour and culture to your festival or heritage day,

craft fair or special occasion: large or small, we will entertain your


The display lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, and we are happy to perform

several times during the event if you so desire.


We also offer historical dance displays, in full period costume: please

follow this link for images and more information.


To make contact, complete the form below.


Mummers Plays

Fancy something a little bit different to get your party started? A riot of

slapstick, music and dance, all combined in a colourful chaotic piece of

traditional theatre, will entertain you and your guests, with the

opportunity to join in if you so desire. Mummers Plays are lively and

embrace the spirit of community, historically performed to celebrate

special occasions especially Christmas and Twelfth Night. Experiencing

a Mummers Play will evoke a sense of revelry, creativity and definitely

some mischief…



We offer an accomplished band of musicians and a caller to ensure the

success of your special event.

Whether it is a wedding, special birthday, fund-raiser or any other

celebration, Penzance Guizers will entertain and guide you and your

guests through the dances. Ceilidh dancing will appeal to all your guests,

yet at the same time the music doesn’t drown conversations in the same


Our caller has experience in Cornish ceilidhs, Scottish ceilidhs plus a

mix of Barn dances to suit your requirements.

Band line-up; Melodeon, fiddle, guitar/clarinet and drum/bodhran.

Caller is Helen: Dancer teacher and practitioner/workshop leader and

Bard of the Gorsedh.

Together we will make your event go with a swing….……a polka, reel, jig

and waltz too! Bad knees??? Sit back and enjoy the live music.

Contact us below for a quote for your celebration ceilidh..


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Education in schools

From a one hour workshop to a full day, we can provide a professional

experience for your students. Within Penzance Guizers are educational

practitioners alongside other skilled individuals. Do you need support

and enhancement within your Cornish curriculum? We can offer dance,

art and drama linking into your individual scheme of work.

“Children dance all the time if they’re allowed to, we all do,” Sir Ken

Robinson said in his seminal TED talk. “We all have bodies, don’t we?

Did I miss a meeting?”

Read more at https://inews.co.uk/news/education/creativity-schools-arts-education-sir-ken-robinson/

Contact us using the form below.



 We have played and danced with a wide range of groups within the

community, including Farmers’ Markets, Feast Days, Craft Fairs and

running workshops for Brownies and WI groups. Exciting plans are

afoot to bring a Cornish dance display and workshop to a village near


“There is evidence to show that cultural participation can contribute

to social relationships, community cohesion, and/or make communities

feel safer and stronger. Research has found positive links between

cultural participation and improved social skills and engagement with

the wider community, and evidence that culture can play a role in

tackling crime.”

Department of Culture Media & Sport The Culture White Paper, 2016

Interested? Contact us below.


Historical dance

In 2014 Penzance Guizers were an integral part of Penzance’s Charter

Day anniversary. This celebrated the granting of the Royal Charter by

James I to Penzance in 1614.

On this special anniversary the group added colour to this important

celebration, delighting the audience, and have since performed in

various venues to great praise.

Our fabulous costumes will add a sense of occasion to your event and we

are more than happy to mingle with your guests and talk about

Jacobean/Elizabethan entertainment.

Please contact us to discuss any future project.


Collaborative projects

In 2016 Penzance Guizers were involved in a thrilling project to

celebrate and support an exhibition of paintings by the artist

Ithell Colquhoune  with Penlee House Gallery and Museum.

This collaboration was something that we all enjoyed a lot and

would love to work with other art forms in the future.

Recently, we performed in the Hard Rock Museum at Geevor,

a World Heritage Site, and have provided entertainment at various

fairs throughout the region. These performances have been met with


We are confident that we can enhance your project, be it an exhibition,

craft fair, open day or a theatrical performance, with our repertoire of

music and dance, traditional and historical. Please contact us using the

form below to discuss your requirements.

See the report on the Gorsedh Kernow Award for the Tan Tewl a Gernow video by clicking on the button below.

Tan Tewl a Gernow

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